Before or After you buy a home - Spammers love you

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Wire Fraud - If you have been asked to wire money - always verify with your Realtor this is a legit request.  Mostly likely it will not come over to you in a random email - as the Real Estate industry is very aware of the scam and we have taken measures not to make it so easy for them to get our information


Once you buy a home your sale is of public record. In Kent County Michigan there is no avoiding it.


People wanting to sell you things will go through records and make a list - and spam you!


My client called me the other day and asked about some paperwork she got that looked “official” stating she can obtain her title and deed by sending this company $85.00 bucks. We give this to you at the closing table in your closing package.  However we keep copies of everything - so just call us, or you can call the city and get a copy for free.


Here are few more that I know about


Homestead scams - sending you a letter saying you need claim homestead and they can send you the form for a charge.  Well yes you do need to claim homestead but most likely it was done at the closing if you used a title company - but again you can do this for free at the county office, and forms are available online.


Mortgage scams - there are multiple mortgage scams - asking you to send money somewhere else, asking for you to verify your SS number or asking for you to update you loan information with account number and password NEVER do this - call us or your lender to verify this mailing.  


Homeowners insurance - scams offering over priced insurance or insurance you really do not need - again ask your insurance provider about these forms before dealing with them.


Because your loan is of public record many of these scammers will make the letter look official by applying the lender name and logo. Buyer beware!


Bottom line - just call your Realtor,  Lender or Insurance rep, before acting on any of these.